Summary of Truman State University Faculty Senate Activities/Issues

Fall 2004 to present (2/12/05)

(prepared by Peter Rolnick)

What follows is a brief list of activities and/or issues the Truman State University Faculty Senate dealt with from Fall 2004 to February 12, 2005. Details are not given, but are available if you want them.

1) Our sabbatical program has been "reawakened" after a few years' sleep, and a number of sabbaticals were awarded for fall 2006. These sabbaticals are being supported partly by discretionary funds and partly by cutting back in offerings and/or slight increases in loads. We are examining a revision in our sabbatical policy.

2) We have passed new legislation clearly defining what we mean by interim courses and interim workshops.

3) As we have done for quite a few years, the Faculty Senate regularly oversees faculty evaluation of Division Heads (now called Deans), the President and the Vice President. Comments and data from those evaluations are shared partially with members of the Faculty Senate, but are not usually shared with the faculty as a whole.

4) Regarding our letter of support to our Board of Governors for a resolution to officially state that Truman does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation (the resolution originated with the Student Senate), the Board chose not to change the discrimination policy explicitly, but they did choose to "officially" endorse a paragraph (which is not part of the policy) that says that the policy includes non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Two legislators wrote letters to the Board asking that the policy not be changed.

5) We are still discussing the procedures involved in the termination of programs. This was precipitated when our Masters in Counseling Program was, at least temporarily, discontinued. We would appreciate comments from anyone in MAFS who might have experience with this.

6) We successfully "passed" the Higher Learning Commission accreditation process.

7) Our enrollment is up this year and the previous year, after being down for a few years.

8) Our president has been having discussions with faculty on a number of issues, including the pros and cons of our division structure (as compared to a departmental structure).

9) We are near completion of (or may have completed) articulation agreements with a number of two-year educational institutions.

10) We have established a faculty personnel policies subcommittee, to evaluate processes for faculty evaluation, tenure and promotion, among other things.

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