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Missouri Association of Faculty Senates

Web Page Standards

Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS)
Voluntary Standards for Faculty Senate Web Pages

There is a great deal of variation between web sites of the public, four-year colleges and universities in Missouri.  Navigating those sites to learn information about faculty policies and faculty government is very often challenging for those not familiar with the institution.  In an attempt to facilitate access and use of Faculty Senate and/or Council information, the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) has developed these voluntary standards for web information.

Several institutional home pages give little guidance about where to proceed to access faculty-related information.  For maximum usefulness, the institution’s home page should include a link, a search device, or clear directions to the location of faculty information.  At the Faculty Senate home page, a user should be able to find the following information:

Basic Information

  1. A current listing of Senate/Council officers, with contact information (and e-mail link, if possible)

  2. A listing of a permanent contact person (such as a staff secretary), with contact information (and e-mail link, if possible)

  3. A listing of the Senate’s current Voting Representative and Designated Alternate, with contact information (and e-mail link, if possible)

  4. A link to the MAFS home page, so that internal users might easily access Associational information

  5. A link to the Faculty Handbook or similar document, if available on-line

  6. Links to important faculty-related institutional policies, such as tenure, promotion, etc.

Additional Useful Information

Though not as essential to external users, the following information might be included, as possible.

  1. The Senate/Council Constitution

  2. The Senate/Council By-Laws

  3. A listing of the current members of the Senate/Council, with e-mail links, if possible

  4. The Senate/Council meeting minutes or synopsis

  5. Scheduled meeting dates for the Senate/Council

  6. The dates of election of Senate/Council officers

To e-mail all members, write to: